Our list of ‘Top 10 Things Millennials Refuse To Buy‘ certainly proves that the times are changing.

For millennials that were born between 1981-1996 are simply refusing to buy the products previous generations considered essentials.

Many of these items Millenials are ditching, are the very same products every American thought you couldn’t live without.

Top 10 Things Millennials Refuse To Buy

10. Business Suits/Pantsuits

Top 10 Things Millennials Refuse To Buy Business Suits/Pantsuits


When it’s time to get ready for work, many millennials are deciding that business suits simply do not suit them.

Whether the fashion choice does not fit their own personal style or does not suit a more laid-back office environment, young fashionistas are just not buying it.

While some more fashionable pantsuits are definitely still in style, there has been a huge trend in the workplace veering toward more casual business attire, and not just on T.G.I.F.

9. McDonald’s/Fast Food

Top 10 Things Millennials Refuse To Buy McDonald's
Top 10 Things Millennials Refuse To Buy McDonald’s, Fast Food

The Golden Arches are apparently losing their shine in the eyes of millennial customers.

Younger customers just are not Lovin’ It anymore, and it seems not even Ronald McDonald can bring them back.

But it’s not just McDonald’s that is struggling to get Millennials into their doors.

Fast food restaurants across the board are seeing a steep decline in their Millennial clientele, and that drop even carries over to their younger counterparts in Generation Z.

9. Cereal

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Cereal
Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Cereal

Blame it on laziness or blame it on the overly packed schedules among young professionals, but there is a pretty shocking reason why this age group chooses not to eat cereal in the morning.

According to the New York Times, 40 percent of millennials surveyed said they do not eat cereal.

Why? Because it “was an inconvenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it.”

Yes, apparently washing a spoon and a bowl is simply too much to have to deal with. And don’t forget, there is also the pain of putting the box back in the pantry!

7. Shopping at Department Stores

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Department Stores
Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Department Stores

Department stores were once the centers of the shopping world that housed almost everything imaginable.

Their floor plans included clothing from every designer, accessories, shoes, perfumes, makeup, and basically anything else one could desire.

It seems that Millennials have now replaced department stores with something much easier: the Internet.

Today, instead of spending hours at a department store, Millennials are choosing to get their one-stop shopping done right from the comfort of their own couches.

Which of course, fits perfectly with their lazy lifestyle.

6. Bars of Soap

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Bars Of Soap
Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Bars Of Soap

The once-popular hygiene product is becoming less and less common to see in the showers of Millennials across the country.

But why are so many calling soap bars a wash? Maybe it has to do with Soap Bars making our list of 10 Items You’ll Be Shocked To Learn Have An Expiration Date?

According to a MarketWatch report, 60 percent of Millennials feel that bars of soap are crawling with germs and would rather use body wash to clean themselves.

And while 60 percent of Americans over age 65 said they would wash their face with bar soap, less than a third of Millennials said they would do the same.

5. Cable Subscriptions

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Cable subscriptions

It is no secret that cable subscriptions are on the out and millennials are playing a huge role in their downfall.

Instead of buying expensive cable packages, Millenials, instead, are relying on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Even YouTube is now offering a cable alternative to its users for a lower price than cable.

4. Land Lines

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Land Lines

Millennials have ditched home phone numbers, and it’s understandable why.

A survey found that 83 percent of millennials sleep next to their cellphones and that 66 percent live in a totally wireless home.

While 59% say they have a landline it only because many Internet and cable companies are providing a landline for free.

But as more Millenials drop their internet providers owning a landline will soon become obsolete.

3. Movie Theaters Tickets

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Movie Theaters Tickets

People used to make a night out of heading to the theater, grabbing a gigantic tub of refillable popcorn, and watching a movie.

Nowadays, are more inclined to wait a few weeks and watch a movie at home.

While Movie Theaters are now providing reclining chairs, bar service, and surround sound as an enticement.

It seems even those perks are not enough to get Millenials off the coach and into the movie theater.

2. Their Own Home

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy New Homes
Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy Their Own Home

We’ve all seen the quintessential pictures of first-time home buyers.

So have you noticed that there seem to be fewer pictures of Millenials proudly standing outside of their own home?

There are a few reasons for that.

As home prices are continuing to rise, many millennials are not able to afford to buy their own homes.

But beyond that, many worry that investing in real estate means putting down their anchors in a certain location.

Instead, they would rather have the ease and ability to uproot and move if work or life calls for it.

1. Cars, New or Used

Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy cars
Top 10 things Millennials Refuse To Buy cars

Millennials are pumping the brakes on buying cars and, with that, purchasing gas.

Many millennials are even deciding not to get their driver’s license altogether.

In fact, in the last eight years, the number of drivers age 18-25 was down nearly 25%.

Market experts point to a ton of reasons why millennials are deciding to leave the cars in the lot.

In urban areas, young drivers would rather take public transportation than take the time to find parking, a sometimes painstaking task.

In rural areas, millennials are also deciding to do use ride-sharing apps to get them from Point A to Point B.

Of course, this meshes perfectly with their “I’m too lazy to leave home” attitudes.

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