In their effort to prove they’re the wokest place on Earth, Disney recently got caught pushing critical race theory on white employees.

But the more Disney tries to prove how woke they are, they can’t seem to get out of their own way in proving just the opposite.

Worse, every Disney PR controversy seems to be of their own making.

Like Disney reimagining their Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotional poster, which sent John Boyega’s lightsaber-wielding character to the back of the bus in China.

Disney US Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega Poster
Disney’s Star Wars Force Awakens American Poster

Disney China Star Wars Force Awakens John Boyega Poster
Disney’s Star Wars Force Awakens Chinese Poster


Here are the Top 10 Times Disney Plus Woke Censors Got To Work.

10. Splash – Daryl Hannah’s Butt 

Disney tried to hide Daryl Hannah’s butt because OMG the world would come screeching to a halt if they show a naked ass.

In one scene they used the infamous pan and zoom technique:

Disney Splash Pan and Zoom
Disney Splash Pan and Zoom

Even worse, Disney failed miserably when they tried to use bad CGI to add about an extra foot of hair down the length of her back to cover Daryl Hannah’s posterior.

9. Entire Simpsons Episode Mothballed

This Simpson’s episode didn’t make the cancel culture warriors pounce until after an HBO documentary called Leaving Neverland.

8. Toy Story 2 Joke Exposes Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Originally released in 1999, Toy Story 2 featured a blooper reel of sorts at the end of the film of joke scenes made by the animators.

One such scene was the Stinky Pete toy taking two barbies aside and telling them he could get them apart in Toy Story 3.

An obvious reference to Hollywood’s infamous casting couch.

7. Lilo And Stitch Teaching Kids Bad Lessons

The bad lesson in question is actually quite subtle if you’re not paying attention.

The outrage was not Lilo and Stitch fighting about bringing a wild rabid animal inside the house, it was Lilo hiding from her sister in a washer.

Lilo And Stitch hiding in a washer

6. Gravity Falls Hat Gets Censored

Not all forms of censorship will make sense, take the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls for instance.

A cartoon wildly popular for its use of hidden puzzles and secret symbolism scattered throughout its episodes, it seemed odd that when it came to Disney Plus censored the logo on one of the main character’s hats.

Even the creator of the series chimed was confused by the seemingly senseless change to the show.

While Disney never explained why they edited out the symbol, many suspect it was done to appease some foreign countries because of its similarities to the Nation of Islam flag.

Gravity Falls Hat Gets Censored

5. Santa’s Workshop Censored

Despite showing a warning that this cartoon was created in a less ‘woke’ era. Disney instead cut the whole scene showing a stereotypical doll of a black character with large lips and exaggerated mannerisms.

4. Lion King Loses Its Famous “SEX” Easter Egg

While most of us know about the infamous Easter egg in the Lion King movie actually spelled out SFX as a nod to the special effects team behind the movie.

Disney still censored it because they knew our X-rated minds and low-quality VHS tape would make us see only what we wanted to see.

Don’t Bludgeon People With Rocks

Similar to the Lilo and Stitch censor above, in the original version of the 2D animated movie the Emperor’s New Groove, one of the main characters gets upset at another character and whips a rock at them, hitting them in the back of the head.

Since Disney doesn’t believe parents are not capable of teaching their kids that throwing rocks at other kids’ heads is bad, they cut the scene out.

Goofy Gets His Groove On

Oh how we wish this was a joke title, but it isn’t. The 1995 Goofy Movie available on Disney Plus has been edited to reduce the sexuality of certain scenes.

The two most obvious examples being when Goofy’s son Max hugs Roxanne, his love interest in the film, his face pressed into her chest. For the Disney Plus version, his face is safely leaning away from her body.

Goofy Movie Disney Censored

The second more obvious edit is when Goofy walks into a room and accidentally sees an obese woman in her underwear getting dressed.

For the Disney Plus version of the film, the woman has been digitally given long underwear to cover her body.

Goofy Movie Disney Censored 2

1. That’s So Raven Alleged Slurs

During a scene where multiple characters are yelling and arguing with each other, it sounds like the main character either calls her friend a “rude nigga” or a “fruity nigga” twice before the argument stops.

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