JFK carefully cultivated an image of a devoted family man, John F. Kennedy was by far the most prolific philandering President of the United States EVER!

One JFK quote that the mainstream media seems to conveniently ignore, pretty much explains why he wasn’t guilt-ridden in the least over his many affairs:

“If I don’t have a lay for three days I get a headache.”

JFK 10 Most Shocking Affairs

10. Mimi Alford Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Mini Alford

Another of his White House conquests was Mimi Alford who was only 19 years old when she started to work as a White House intern.

Only four days into the job, JFK led Alford in the bedroom of his wife Jackie Kennedy and took her virginity.

Mini Alford even wrote a book about her affair with JFK.

9. Fiddle Faddle Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Fiddle Faddle

Priscilla Wear (a.k.a “Fiddle”) and Jill Cowen (a.k.a “Faddle”) were hired to skinny dip with President and accompany him on business trips abroad.

Secret service came up with their Fiddle/Faddle nicknames to hide the President’s latest affairs from his wife Jackie.

Yes, we should consider these two as #9 and #8 but since they happened at the same time, and the pair looked similar to each other.

We’ll just count them as one since I believe JFK thought of them in the very same manner.

8. Blaze Starr Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Blaze Starr

The celebrated stripper told People magazine in 1989 that she had a brief affair with JFK before he became President.

The pair first met in 1954 when JFK, then a Congressman, would visit her Maryland strip club, Crossroads.

The famed burlesque dancer is said to have been disappointed when the Cuban Missile Crisis got in the way of her dalliance with the President in the Lincoln Room.

In an interview in 1989, Starr described JFK as “very quick and very wild,

7. Anita Ekberg Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Anita Ekberg

The one thing that blonde bombshell Anita Ekberg confirmed was that JFK had a type.

The Swedish actress gained notoriety for her fountain splashing scene in Federico Fellini’s Italian classic La Dolce Vita.

Decades after his death, Anita Ekberg admitted that she had a fling with JFK when she was only 22.

6. Marlene Dietrich Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Marlene Dietrich

Reports of this alleged tryst (which lasted all of 30 minutes) appeared years ago in her friend, Kenneth Tynan’s published diary.

According to the diary, Marlene Dietrich was summoned to the White House one night in 1962 (when she was about 60 years old).

Dietrich and JFK exchanged a few pleasantries and before she knew it Dietrich was in Kennedy’s bed.
Knowing JFK’s notorious back problems Dietrich is quoted saying at the time she was thinking “I’d like to sleep with the President, sure, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to be on top!”

5. Audrey Hepburn Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Audrey Hepburn

According to a former White House secretary, Audrey Hepburn visited JFK in 1953 when he was a young senator.

But what made 1953 also special was the fact it’s the same year JFK married Jackie.

A little-known: Audrey Hepburn sang her own rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” to JFK a year after Monroe sang hers.

4. Angie Dickinson Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Angie Dickinson

Starlet Angie Dickinson, who starred in 1960’s original Ocean’s 11, described a romp with Kennedy as “the most exciting seven minutes” of her life.

Not sure whether to take that as a thumbs up or thumbs down.

3. Judith Exner op 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Judith Exner

One of the president’s most scandalous mistresses (and the one Jackie certainly wanted to keep out of the press) was Judith Exner, a mafia chick who was introduced to Kennedy in 1960 by Frank Sinatra (in Las Vegas, no less).

The drama here (besides the whole cheating thing) was the fact that she was involved with Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana.

During their years-long dalliance, Exner claimed to have transported packages between the two.

2. Ellen Rometsch Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Ellen Rometsch

Ellen Rometsch was a high-class call girl. She was also a communist spy. Dave Powers, Kennedy’s Special assistant, brought her into a White house to have sex with President.

Afraid of public outrage due to Rometsch’s connections with Soviet Intelligence services, Kennedy expelled her from the country.

1. Marylin Monroe Top 10 Most Shocking JFK Affairs Marilyn Monroe

JFK’s conquest of Marylin Monroe is the stuff of urban legends and conspiracy theories.

Marylin’s “Happy birthday, Mr. President” song cemented her place in popular culture.

Conspirators say Monroe was also involved sexually with President’s brother Bobby Kennedy and that she wanted to replace Jackie as a first lady.

She died due to an alleged overdose of barbiturates at the age of 36.

Her death was ruled a suicide, but conspiracy theories claim the opposite, claiming the Keneddy brothers were involved.

Watch Marylin Monroe Singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK on May 19th, 1962.

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