We see Hollywood celebrities on screen and think that that’s how they are in real life, unfortunately, these 10 Hollywood stars think their shit doesn’t stink

When it comes to celebrities, what you see isn’t always what you get, because many of them have lived inside their gated communities for so long they believe they’re better than us commoners who pay their salary.

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Think Their S**t Doesn’t Stink

Listed In No Particular Order


1. Pierce Brosnan

Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Doesn't Stink - Pierce Brosnan

According to English comedian James Corden, Pierce Brosnan is one of the rudest celebrities he has ever met. He revealed this on his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2017.

When Corden was forced to decide between drinking bird saliva or naming a celebrity who was rude to him, he obviously chose the latter.

2. Charlize Theron

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Charlize Theron

In 2014, actress Tia Mowry told InTouch magazine that she met Charlize Theron at a spin class. After saying “Hi,” Mowry claims Theron “rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh my God.’” InTouch decided to investigate the matter further.

They discovered that Theron “always arrives late to the class with a scowl on her face.” Not only that, but sources told them the actress demands those already settled at their bikes to get up and switch.

3. Tom Cruise

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Tom cruise

Thanks to his Scientology-related outbursts, overly-controlling demeanor, and heated rants about other celebrities Tom Cruise was already known for being an arse.

In 2020, Tom Cruise was caught on a recording throwing a huge hissy fit on the Mission: Impossible 7 set, yelling at the crew over COVID-19 rules.

In an audio recording leaked to The Sun, the acting legend can be heard going off.

Despite the crew members wearing masks, Cruise angrily threatened to fire them for not standing six feet apart.

Despite Cruise getting mocked for his unhinged rant, less than a week later he did it again. This time 5 crew members resigned saying Cruise’s hysterics have made the set unbearable to work.

4. Ellen DeGeneres

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Ellen DeGeneres

After the past two years, NO ONE should be surprised about Ellen DeGeneres making our Celebrities Who Think Their S**t Don’t Stink list.

As the host of one of the most successful talk shows ever, Ellen DeGeneres ends each episode by telling her audience to “be kind to one another.” But the fan-favorite comedian doesn’t necessarily practice what she preaches.

Podcast producer Kevin T. Porter brought to light a number of stories demonstrating that DeGeneres is “one of the meanest people alive.” After posting to Twitter to ask that people share their most insane stories of DeGeneres being mean.

One person responded by saying that after she served DeGeneres brunch, the talk show host wrote a letter to the owner of the restaurant. The reason? She wanted to complain about the server’s chipped nail polish, almost costing the poor girl her job.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth-Paltrow-Coronavirus-outfit

Another Shocker (LOL) on our list is Gwyneth Paltrow.

Anyone who tries selling a ‘This smells like my Vagina‘ Candle, you know they think their poop smells like a fresh cut bouquet of Roses.

But just how tone-deaf is Gwyneth Paltrow?

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of people dying every day, and millions of people out of work.

Gwyneth Paltrow was forced to delete an Instagram post that had her hawking an $875 outfit on her Goop site.

The skirt and sneaker combo Paltrow was selling comprised of a G. Label “Alexander” slit trouser skirt that she was selling for $450, and Alexandre Berman’s “Clarita” sneakers selling at $425.

6. Cameron Diaz

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Cameron Diaz

Those who have had the misfortune of meeting Cameron Diaz haven’t had the nicest things to say about their interaction.

Aside from just having a bad attitude in general, fans who have met Diaz warn others against asking her for an autograph.

The editor and publisher of Autograph Collector magazine, Steve Cyrkin, ranks Diaz as the worst Hollywood A-lister to ask for such a thing.

He says not only does she say “no,” but she then lectures fans about why asking for an autograph is dumb.

7. Zooey Deschanel 10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is known for her adorkable personality, but those who know her said she’s a nightmare to be around.

In 2013, a super-fan took to Reddit to describe how meeting her “hero” Deschanel turned from being a dream come true into being the “worst day of [her] life.”

Not only was the actress said to act snappy and dismissive, but she was downright nasty and rude.

Castmates have also pointed out that she likes to control the set and routinely throws temper tantrums.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink Jennifer Lawrence

In a November 2017 interview for Variety magazine, The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence sat down with comedian and fellow big-screen actor Adam Sandler to talk about how she deals with being one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Lawrence revealed that once she enters a public space, she becomes “incredibly rude” in an effort to ward off unwanted attention from fans.

She said it’s her way of defending herself and added that when a fan approaches her table at a restaurant, she wags her finger and makes a face. And if a fan asks for a selfie? The actress bluntly says “no!”

Well, at least she knows she’s being a biotch!

9. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer first made a name for herself as a stand-up comedian despite her shockingly unfunny sense of humor.

Amy Schumer should make our list just for blatantly stealing other comedians’ material, changing a few words, and then swearing she created the joke.

But in May of 2018, Senator Chuck Schumer‘s piggish second cousin once removed was called a rude arse after she interrupted another comedian’s stand-up set to rehearse some of her unfunny SNL jokes.

Comic Brendan Sagalow – the person she interrupted – later said of the incident that it “was a pretty sh***y thing to do” at his first headlining set with all his friends and family in attendance.

10. James Corden

10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don't Stink James Corden

We started off our 10 Celebrities Who Think Their Shit Don’t Stink list by writing about James Corden claiming that Pierce Brosnan is one of the rudest celebrities he has ever met.

I assume he only felt this way because James Corden can’t meet himself.

The late-night television host Carpool Karaoke has conned millions into thinking he’s a funny, lovable person. 

But just because he appears to be a happy-go-lucky goofball on television doesn’t mean he’s also like that in real life.

According to one Reddit thread, Corden is the “most entitled, arrogant d**k” a fan has ever met.

Many people have also attested that James Corden is the prototypical “do you know who I am” Hollywood elitist whenever he has to stand in line.

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