In our First Round NFL 2021 Mock Draft, we did not predict what each general manager during the night, because if they don’t know, then how would we?

We also didn’t anticipate any trades since most draft night trades only take place when an unexpected player falls on the board toward a team that thought coming in, they had no chance of getting.

Instead, our 1st round mock draft is based on how we believe each team will view the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Top 10 Best List Mock draft listed the teams as they currently sit on Friday, April 23rd.

As a result of the Kansas City Chiefs pulling off an incredible blockbuster trade with the Baltimore Ravens to land stud Left Tackle Orlando Brown Jr. Our Mock Draft has been updated.

Why the Ravens chose to send Brown to a team that already has their number is one of those head-scratching moments.

NFL 2021 Mock Draft First Round

2021 NFL Mock Draft Round 1

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Shout out to RGR football for their in-depth player analyses

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