Hachishakusama, also known as “Eight Feet Tall,” is a demonic Japanese urban legend, and is likened to Slenderman

Hachishakusama who is also known as “Hasshaku-sama,” manifests itself as an impossibly tall woman, with a deep, booming rhythmic voice and is seen most often wearing a full-length white dress with a matching wide-brimmed hat.

It is said that Hachishakusama’s appearance can vary, sometimes appearing as an attractive young woman and sometimes as a withered hag.

The Eight Feet Tall specter preys on children, sometimes imitating their parent’s voice in order to lure them away.

Her earliest appearance dates back to August of 2008; the version is often translated or adapted, leading to things like the entry about her on the website Scary for Kids.

Even though she’s quite a recent creation, Eight Feet Tall’s infamy has already spread far and wide: She’s one of the ghosts in the fifth title of the Fatal Frame video game series.

Top 10 Scariest Things About Hachishakusama

10. She’s Eight Feet Tall hachishakusama_by_meeps_chan_dbrjuvu-fullview

Those that have escaped Hachishakusama depict her as a thin, unnaturally tall woman with human features that are disproportionate to those with which we would consider normal.

Hachishakusama’s sheer height and protracted skeletal limbs make her appear morbidly terrifying to children.

9. Makes A Terrifying Noise When Close

When Hachishakusama nears her victims, her deep, manly voice makes a terrifying noise that comes in threes.

This noise indicates to her victims that she’s coming for them and there’s not much that they can do about it.

Hachishakusama takes her time with her victims so they could hear her noise outside of their window, at a playground, at their home, or anywhere else that she wants to make her victims know that she’s coming for you.

8. Preys Upon Children 

While Slender Man preys upon children and young adults, Hachishakusama only takes young children.

The reason for this is unknown, but it is believed that she only kidnaps young children to feed off their young essence. This may be why she looks like a young woman after feeding, but much older when hungry.

It’s said that Hachishakusama targets young children because they are more easily manipulated to do her bidding.

7. Can Mimic The Voices Of Loved Ones

According to one story, Hachishakusama attempted to communicate with a young boy during a ritual that he and his family performed to get rid of her.

Hachishakusama tried to get the boy to let her inside by mimicking the voice of his grandparents.

If the boy had done so, he would have been kidnapped by her and never seen again.

6. You’re Destined To Die Upon Seeing Her

Hachishakusama Eight Feet Tall Horror Japanese Urban Legend

Hachishakusama picks her victims at random, as long as they’re children then you’re fair game for Hachishakusama.

If a child looks upon Hachishakusama, then their fate is sealed because she’s going to come for you.

The only way to avoid your destiny is by performing a special ritual.

5. Her Long White Dress

The long white dress has long solidified itself as the main choice of clothing by many ghostly characters.

Usually, this is what the character was wearing during her untimely demise.

It symbolizes a sudden tragic death during a moment that was supposed to be cherished, like a wedding, that was ripped away at the last possible second.

4. She Has Long Black Hair

Hachishakusama’s long black hair makes her appear haunted and more menacing, especially when her hair blocks us from seeing her true evil.

We’ve had glimpses of appearance from horror movies, such as The Grudge and The Ring.

By coupling her long black hair with her white dress, and wide-brimmed hat, Hachishakusama paints a horrifying image that appears both evil and angelic if seen searching for her next victim.

eight feet tall

3. The Ritual To Save Yourself From Hachishakusama

Hachishakusama will find her victims and stalk them for months as she seeks out the perfect time to strike.

A child’s only hope to escape their fate is a ritual that must be performed to end Hachishakusama’s stalking.

  1. The victim is placed in a secluded room where newspapers with ritualistic symbols block the outside view from all windows.
  2. Four bowls of salt are placed in each corner of the room.
  3. A Buddha statue must be placed in the exact center of the room.
  4. The victim must stay in the room for an entire night and never allow anyone to enter the room, remove the window coverings, or peek outside.
  5. The next morning, if the four bowls of salt have turned black, then Hachishakusama had come for the child but was prevented from reaching them.
  6. Finally, the child must leave Japan and never return unless he or she is willing to fall victim to Hachishakusama’s persistent evil.

2. She Can Be Attractive

One of the most terrifying things about Hachishakusama is that she can look attractive if she had recently fed.

When it comes to kidnapping children, her beauty may give her a more welcoming appearance and make it easier to deceive an overly curious child.

The fact that she’s also been seen appearing old and haggard, lends credence to the theory that she preys upon younger children in order to maintain her youthful appearance.


1. She’s An Onryo Hachishakusama picture 2

An onryo is a vengeful spirit that comes back to haunt the world because of its mistreatment from loved ones.

When the onryo returns, it is truly more powerful and sinister than it was while alive.

An onryo uses this power to harm and kill others.

There are many onryo stories, but they almost always depict a woman rather than a man.

Though her true origin is unknown, Hachishakusama still has the abilities and appearance of an onryo with long black hair, a white dress, and the cunning ability to manipulate.

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