We all love our dogs, but pet owners need to stop doing these 5 things trying to show them.

Dogs don’t communicate in the same way that we do.

So it’s understandable that some owners may be unaware that the very things they’re doing to show how much they love them.

Are the very things that they might actually hate most in life.

5 Things Dog Owners Need To Stop Doing

#1 Cuddles Aren’t Cute

Hugging a dog

It’s a great feeling after a hard day at work, you come home and one of the first things you see is your beloved pet happily wagging its tail.

Of course, it understandable to want to pick up their precious little pooch and give them a big ole bearhug.

But a lot of canines actually hate hugging it out.

Cuddling a dog can make them feel restricted, and feeling like they are unable to move.

Signs that Fido isn’t a hugger:

  • Turning their head away from you when you hug them.
  • Flattening their ears against their head.
  • They start licking their lips.
  • It starts nervously looking around.

If you want to truly reciprocate their love, enjoy a few minutes of playtime with them.

#2 Making Direct Eye Contact

5 Things Dog Owners Need To Stop Doing - Making Direct Eye Contact

You may think that when you stare lovingly into your dog’s eyes, they’re doing the same back.

But that’s not really the case.

Unlike how it is with your significant other, giving your dog lots of direct eye contact can actually be a really bad signal for them.

Stop thinking like a human and start thinking like a dog.

In doggie world language, direct eye contact is a threatening or challenging sign.

So every time you stare into your pet’s big lovable brown eyes your pet might be receiving the opposite message to what you were sending.

So be “doggy-polite” and don’t stare!

#3 Stop With The Head Patting

5 Things Dog Owners Need To Stop Doing - Patting your dogs head

When you go to stroke not only your dog but any animal, the worst thing you can do is go straight for their head.

Put simply, if someone suddenly reached out and tried to touch your face you probably wouldn’t like it very much either.

Even if you knew for a fact that the person would never hurt you, you’d still be a little put off by it.

For example, if your best friend or significant other, without warning, suddenly reaches out to say wipe something off your cheek. 

You’d instinctively pull back, and feel quite nervous and confused about why they suddenly did that.

Well, your dog feels the exact same way.

If you really want to pat or scratch their head. It’s best to get down to their level, offer out your hand, and let them come to you.

Then stroke their neck, and work your way up the side of their head, and when they get your message they’ll start relaxing. Then you’ll have a green light to scratch behind their ears.

Of course, if they shove their head into your hand. Then they’re telling you to do as you please because ‘I’m loving the attention.

#4 Take Your Dog For a Speed Walk.

5 Things Dog Owners Need To Stop Doing - taking your dog for a fast walk

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in a bit of a rush and maybe walkies need to be a little faster than usual.

But our dogs definitely can’t be rushed!

Dogs love a chance to sniff around and explore on walks. rushing walks and yanking on their lead every time they stop for a sniff can be really frustrating for dogs.

Also taking the same route day after day after day can also get quite boring.

Try varying your route and make time for a dedicated “smell walk” on a regular basis to really give them the time to sniff and explore for as long as they want to.

#5 Don’t Force Friendships

5 Things Dog Owners Need To Stop Doing - Don't Force Friendships 

Dog are naturally social animals, but like us, there will always be people and other dogs they really don’t like spending time with.

They might bark, growl at or try to avoid those they don’t like or feel uncomfortable around, but more likely the signs will be more subtle.

Try to be aware of your pet’s body language.

If a usually happy, and their waggy tail stops wagging, or your pet tries to take off, or suddenly it is looking nervously back at you, then you know it’s time to call it a day.

If it’s consistently happening and not just your animal having an off day, maybe try to avoid forcing her or him to spend time with a specific person or pet.

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