How clean is your hotel room? You might want to start doing your due diligence after reading these 10 secrets that hotels don’t want you to know about.

While the price of staying at a hotel might be a bit expensive.

Most people don’t seem to mind paying a little extra knowing they have a clean room waiting for them and a housekeeping staff to keep it that way.

However, you might find that many hotels aren’t close to being as clean as you thought.

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Hotel Room.

#1 Maids Sometimes Takes A Nap In Your Bed

When you leave your room and let the maid know that you’re going out for the day you may think you’re just being a nice person.

But despite you returning to your hotel hours later, you may be left wondering ‘How can they possibly still be cleaning your room?’

Wonder no more because you might be surprised to find out that maids sometimes take naps in your bed.

If a housekeeper is really tired and knows you’ll be gone for at least a few hours they have time to take a little siesta.

After locking the deadbolt so you can’t walk in and catch them, they’ll lie down on your bed to take a little cat nap.

While the Hotel frowns on both, they’re far more accepting about their staff using a quest’s bathroom, because after all, when you have to go, you have to go.
But while they expect a housekeeper to do their business before they start cleaning the guest’s bathroom, that rarely ever happens.
The reason? Hypocrite maids claim that they only use your toilet only AFTER they’ve cleaned because they don’t know what germs you may be carrying.

3. You Might Want To Disinfect That Remote

The first thing many guests do is grab the TV remote to make sure the TV is working because who wants to find out you have no service at 10 p.m.?

However, before you do, you might just want to wipe down that remote with a disinfecting wipe.

Researchers have found that the dirtiest item in any hotel room is the television remote.

After testing over a dozen remote controls they found that nearly every remote control had sky-high levels of bacteria, and some even had traces of E.coli.

Let’s not get into what types of bodily fluids they found.

When you check into a hotel, the room always seems to have those two spotless water glasses sitting in the bathroom.

They might look sparkling, but there is more than meets the eye.

According to hotel insiders, housekeeping sometimes simply rinses them out, then uses the same towel they’re using to clean the rest of the bathroom to dry them.

In some cases, the cleaning staff will use furniture polish or Windex on the drinking glasses to make them look spotless.

If there are no visible stains, the bedspread might only get washed once a month.
If a maid does find a stain on a pillow, or on the mattress they’ll either wipe it down using a damp cloth or simply spray some diluted bleach on it to make the stain less visible.

6. Steer Clear Of The Hotel Kettle

7. Hotel Room Coffee Makers Are Gross

If your hotel room doesn’t have a kettle, then odds are it has a coffee maker.
Because they are simply never cleaned, in nearly every hotel coffee maker researchers found some type of bacteria, but even worse.
Many hotels place their coffee makers inside the bathrooms, where the steam from showers helps grow the same mold and mildew INSIDE the coffee maker, that you’ll typically find on nearly all shower walls.

9. The Tubs Are Never Scrubbed

And there’s no other time saver for maids than when they’re supposed to clean the tub.
Instead of scrubbing the tub, they just run the shower to rinse it out. But even more egregious, is when they actually do clean the tub.
On the rare occasions they’re forced to give your tub a quick once over, they use the toilet brush to do it.
Therefore, the next time you check into your hotel room, make sure the tub smells like bleach before using it.

Hotels and motels are among the top three places to find bed bugs, and then they come home with you.
It’s always good to be cautious, so check the corners of the mattress when you check in and hope for the best.
Better yet, while planning your get-a-way, plan to make a trip to Lowes, Home Depot, or any other type of store that sells cheap plastic mattress covers.
This way you can slip the cover over the mattress before going to bed so those nasty bed bugs, as well as other creepy crawlers, won’t come out and start crawling all over you after you turned off the lights.

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