Why ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ means so much more than just saving one life.

When you ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ you’ll also be breaking the puppy mill’s ability to make money which will finally put them out of business forever.

10 Reasons Why You Should ‘Adopt Don’t Shop‘ For Your Next Pet

1. You’ll find your perfect BFF When you Adopt Don’t Shop

Adopt Don't Shop dog in cage

You’ll be able to choose a pet that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

No matter if you are a couch potato or an Olympic athlete.

A pet shelter will have the perfect pet just waiting for you to take her or him home so you and your new best friend can start enjoying the exact same things TOGETHER!

What more could you ask for in a BFF?

2. Breaking the Puppy Mill Cycle

Adopt Don't Shop puppy mill

If everyone follows the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ rules, puppy mills will go out of business!

It’s all about the Benjamins and without them, pet shops can’t purchase puppies from these horrific puppy mills. With no money coming in, they won’t be able to stay in business.

How much better can ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ your next pet get?

  • You saved a life.
  • You found your BFF
  • And you did your part in ending an egregious puppy mill.

3. You’ll Be The Neighborhood’s Superhero

Adopt Don't Shop thank you

Forget the Avengers, Superman, and Batman you’ll be a real-life hero.

Just like any comic-book superhero, when you ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ you’ll swoop in at the last minute to save the life of an innocent.

So Tell Me…What Superhero Can Compete With You?

4. You’ll help EVERY sheltered animal.

Adopt Don't Shop save a life three dogs

​There are more than just Dogs and Cats, Many shelters also have other animals in need of a home. Every animal there will benefit from your adoption.

​The moment you’ll get home everyone in your neighborhood will want to come and see their new neighbor. They will, of course, fall in love with him or her and they will start thinking if they can find their own BFF.

5. Your adoption fee goes a long way

Adopt Don't Shop save a life

Adopt Don’t Shop pet Shelters do charge a small adoption fee amount but think of it more as a donation than a fee.

Your donation goes to pay for bills, and the feeding and caring for all the animals.

Shelters also use these ‘fees’ to advertise helping other animals to find forever homes as well.

So rest assured your adoption fee isn’t lining the pockets of some puppy mill owner.

6. You can become a YouTube sensation

Adopt Don't Shop owner and dog

That’s right now that you adopted your new BFF, you’ll want to show the world.

And who knows you two can go viral at any moment and be the darlings of the internet.

But, even if you don’t become famous you’ll still have lots and lots of cherished videos and memories that you can revisit over and over again.

7. They give the older animals a new start

Adopt Don't Shop home

​Older animals are usually the last to be taken home, but they can be the best ones to choose from.

​Older dogs and cats are kept 24/7 in small cages that, unfortunately, they’re forced to call home.

So how incredible would that animal feel, knowing his new BFF also happens to be a superhero?

Your new dog or cat will love even more knowing you not only save them, but you’re also taking them to their forever home.

​8. You’re even more than a superhero than you think

Adopt Don't Shop cat and dog sleeping

​Not only are you saving your BFF’s life you started a chain reaction that will have a lasting effect.

When you drive away from the shelter with your new pal, you opened a spot for another animal that is looking for a forever home.

So you didn’t just save one life… you saved two.

9. You’re spreading the news

Adopt Don't Shop save a life dont shop

​Yup! there is no better advertisement than word of mouth and when everyone see’s your BFF and it’s tail is wagging like there is no tomorrow and it’s doing his happy dance everyone will fall in love with your BFF and of course they will want to know where you got him/her and they will ask a million questions.
Wildlife Planet Pet Adoption

10. Adopting Is Easy!

People have a lot of questions about the process and some may be too shy or think their questions are dumb so they won’t even call a shelter.

But, there is nothing to worry about.

Shelters will gladly answer all your questions because if you took the time to call they know you are serious and there is a great chance that one of their animals may find a great home…so they’ll be happy to help!

Adopt-Dont-Shop Paws Shelter

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