Many people only worry about an expiration date when it comes to food items such as milk, bread, and other items you bought at the grocery store.

But not many people are aware that many other (non-food) items that you are using every day also come with an expiration date.

Here are 10 Items You’ll Be Shocked To Learn Have An Expiration Date

1. Car seats Car seats - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

A car seat can save your child’s life, so while you’re making sure it’s installed correctly you may want to check your car seats expiration date.

Yes, shockingly every car seat has an expiration date, and it’s usually printed on the bottom of the seat.

The longevity of a car seat varies by manufacture date and brand.

2. Motor oil motor oil - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

Most people change their car’s motor oil every 3,000 miles. Of course, there are some people that wait a whole year before doing it.

But no matter when you change your motor oil. The last thing people ask is if the motor oil they stocked up during that great sale is expired?

Well, you better start, because according to Car experts, motor oil tends to go south after five years.

At that point, the oil can start to separate and the consistency could change, compromising its performance.

3. Sunscreen Sunscreen - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

With Summer fast approaching you might want to check up on your Sunscreen’s expiration date.

Because unlike what many people believe, Sunscreen doesn’t last forever.

In fact, experts say that sunscreens are generally effective for only three years, after which they begin to lose their potency.

4. Sunglasses Sunglasses- 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

In addition to shielding your eyes from the sun’s glare, sunglasses block harmful UV rays that could cause cancer or cataracts.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that just from normal everyday use,  sunglasses become less effective at blocking UV light.

But don’t bother searching for a tiny date printed on your shades—you won’t find one.

5. Bleach 

Who woulda thunk it, food items aren’t the only things that you buy from the grocery store that have expiration dates.

According to Clorox, Household bleach lasts only about six months.

But Bleach isn’t alone on the list of items you never knew had an expiration date.

There’s a wide variety of things like car seats, sunscreen, tea bags, and many other items that expire.

You can read these items on our list of 10 things you never thought had expiration dates.

6. Toothpaste Toothpaste - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

Toothpaste is one of the last things that you’ll think has an Expiration Date, but it does.

So the next time you’re in Costco, you may want to rethink buying toothpaste in bulk.

Toothpaste expiration dates can vary wildly depending on the manufacturer and brand.

Colgate toothpaste, for example, is generally good for two years from the manufacture date.

But while some brands have an expiration date that lasts longer, many others expire after just one.

7. Soap Soap bars - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

You expect that bar of soap to last forever, or at least until it’s a mushy mess that you’ll need to finally come clean and change it.

As soap bars age, they not only will start to dry out and crack, they just won’t clean as well as if they were new.

Some bar soap manufacturers print the expiration date on the package.

But for those that don’t, experts recommend storing soap bars for no more than three years.

8. Mascara mascara - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

The older mascara is the more it can be contaminated with bacteria, and putting it near your eye could put you at risk for infection.

Experts recommend tossing mascara about three months after you open it.

But if your mascara does dry up before the three months is up…THROW IT AWAY!

Trying to moisten it with water or saliva will just add even more bacteria to what the brush has already developed.

9. Batteries Batteries - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

Unless you have a lot of battery-powered devices, you might want to hold off on that expensive, hysterically named “value pack“.

Certain parts of the battery corrode over time, and the lithium breaks down to make it harder to transfer electricity.

Look closely at the battery packaging and you’ll find an expiration date.

The batteries won’t be dangerous or even totally useless by that date, but they probably won’t function as well as fresh ones.

A quick test to see if your batteries still have a charge.

      1. Drop the battery (with the flat, negative end down) from a couple of inches up.
      2. If the battery is charged, it should make a solid thud and most likely stay standing.
      3. If, however, the battery is dead, it will bounce and fall over immediately.

10. Loofahs Loofahs  - 10 Items You'll Be Shocked To Know Have Expiration Dates

That collection of different color loofahs you have hanging (decorating) your shower that you’re still using to wash might not be so clean as you believe.

For one thing, dead skin cells can get stuck in their nooks and crannies. Plus, the dampness of a shower makes it hard for the loofah to dry.

Together they create an environment where bacteria thrive.

Even if you wash yours in bleach every week, a natural loofah should be replaced every three or four weeks.

As for those plastic poufs you buy in bulk, they should get trashed after two months of use.

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