10 Facts About September because like every other month of the year, it has plenty to offer.

September is a bit of a funny month when you think about it. The middle of the year has passed already, but it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas.

But Sept. is a great time to get outside and appreciate the almost perfect weather and watch as the trees start their colorful autumn change.

10 Facts About September

#1 Birthstone

This month’s birthstone is the majestically vivid sapphire.

10 Facts About September sapphire
10 Facts About September Sapphire

With its deep blue tones, this precious stone is said to represent the wisdom of the gods, purity, and trust. Sapphires were once worn to protect the wearer from both poisoning and other evils.

#2 Flowers

While only having one birthstone the month is graced with two different birth flowers.

10 Facts About September aster
10 Facts About September aster

The two flowers are the vibrant aster and the beautiful yet resilient morning glory.

10 Facts About September morning glory
10 Facts About September morning glory

The significance of both flowers is actually very similar, with the aster being said to represent love, while the morning glory represents affection.

#3 Septem

Unlike November which has always been the 11th month, Sept. was originally the seventh month of the ancient Roman calendar, and as such is was named Septem, which translates into “the seventh month”.

It wasn’t until 451 BC that the months of January and February were added to the calendar, making September the ninth month.

#4 29-Days

September also used to only have 29 days.

Thanks to Julius Caesar’s reform of the Roman calendar in 46 BC the month now has an additional day!

#5 Named After Mr. Spock?

Spock's Vulcan Greeting Salute
10 Facts About September

The Romans would quite often associate different months with different gods, and this month was associated with Vulcan.

No not Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, but the Roman god of fire.

Quite possibly because it was a fiery hot month back when it was the seventh month of the year.

#6 Gerst Monath

Back in the days of the Anglo-Saxons Sept. used to be called Gerst Monath, which translates into “barley month”.

It was given this name because it was the time of year that the barley crop was harvested, and it was a special time as they brewed a popular drink out of it.

The Anglo-Saxons had another name for this month too ‘Haefest Monath,’ which translates to harvest month.

#7 Equinox

This month heralds the beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere, with it officially commencing on the September equinox, which is usually between the 21st and the 23rd of the month.

In the southern hemisphere, it’s the opposite of course, with spring starting on the September equinox.

#8 Holidays

10 Facts About September National Happy Cat Month
10 Facts About September National Happy Cat Month

Sept. has some pretty interesting holidays spread throughout the month!

Firstly, in the US, September is National Happy Cat Month!

We also have Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day (US) on Sept. 13th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19th, as well as National Punctuation day (US) on Sept. 24th.

#9 Zodiac

Those born in September are brought into this world under one of two stars.

If you were born before Sept. 23rd, you’re considered to be a Virgo.

If you’re born on Sept. 23rd or later, you’re a Libra.

Virgos are said to be analytical and hardworking people, while still being kind and loyal.

Libras, on the other hand, value harmony and diplomacy, and are said to be both intelligent and kind.

#10 Never Forget

September 11, 2001, changed the shape of the world forever. It was on this fateful day that the worst terrorist attack on US soil happened when four commercial airliners were hijacked.

Two of the planes were flown straight into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and another was crashed into the Pentagon.

The fourth plane crash-landed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers of the flight attempted to regain control of the plane from the terrorists.

Never Forget September 11
Never Forget September 11

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