We’re used to seeing rock stars acting a little strange, but when their Backstage Secrets get exposed you’ll be shocked by what you see.

10 Backstage Secrets Never Meant To Be Exposed

1/10 Britney Spears Goes Full Sinead O’Connor Crazy

Popstar Britney Spears raised the bar for outrageous behavior when, in February 2007, she impulsively shaved her hair off in a salon as paparazzi outside snapped photos and video.

The public-yet-private nature of the moment made it confusing; were we supposed to witness this, or not? 

10 Backstage Secrets Never Meant To Be Seen  Britney Spears
10 Backstage Secrets Never Meant To Be Exposed Britney Spears

In truth, Spears was in a downward spiral, and the deranged behavior wasn’t a celebrity performing for the tabloids. It was actually just deranged behavior.

Spears was, at this point in her career, constantly hounded by a press posse happy to write story after story about a teen star who’d run off the rails.

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